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Why advertise in the neighborhood and HOA newsletters?
Because you can work close to home and advertising in these newsletters works!

Each newsletter we produce contains information about that neighborhood. Residents read them and see your ad. The newsletters are small enough that your ad does not get lost. The newsletters are posted on this website, as well as some of the neighborhood and HOA's websites, giving your company further exposure.

The newsletter is the means by which the association's board of directors communicates with the residents. It is filled with such neighborhood news as the association's board of directors' meeting dates, minutes of the last meeting, welcoming new residents, social activities like bridge night and ladies' night out, and seasonal events like a Holiday lighting contest, Easter egg hunt and neighborhood garage sales. We also include articles about things happening in the area such as information from the sheriff's office, the latest happenings at the park and recreation district and library, city council meetings and community events.

Advertising in the neighborhood and HOA newsletters is COST EFFECTIVE!

You can place an ad the size of a business card in all the newsletters, reaching 28,265 homes at a cost of 6¢ per home. An insert in all newsletters is 11¢ per home - you can not mail anything for that low price!

Our classified ads are a great way to advertise less expensively. In most neighborhoods a 3-line classified costs $12 per month. You can say a lot in a 3-line classified ad!

With our 35 plus years of experience, we can assist you in deciding how to advertise your business. Some businesses work better with an insert while others do better with a display ad or a less expensive classified. Contact us today at or 303-979-7499. We are here to help you get the most for your advertising dollar.


After more than 35 years of working with neighborhoods and homeowners associations, we have learned a few things about advertising in these newsletters. Unless you are advertising a one-time event, the most important thing is repetition. It is much more effective to advertise in one or two newsletters for three to six consecutive months (or even a year to receive our largest discount) than to exhaust your advertising budget by going into all 41 newsletters for one month and then stopping.

Repetition. The newsletters come out once a month, and people need to see your ad frequently in order for your company to get the best response possible. People like to see stability and dedication from a company, especially in today's competitive marketplace. A consistent advertiser portrays those qualities. Plan to develop a presence in the newsletters.

We offer a special discount for running three months or more. You can view our rates under the Advertiser tab on the main menu. You can also view a map showing where the associations are located, the ad rates, deadlines and discounts. Click on the Advertising Rates link to download a printable copy of our rate pamphlet that includes all this information.

Remember: it is not necessarily a matter of spending more or less money on your advertising. It is the size of the ad, the demographics, the type of business you own, the time of the year, and the economy that matters. Call us and we will help you choose the neighborhoods and type of ad that will make the most effective use of your advertising budget.


An insurance agent built his business, in a large part, by running a small business card-sized ad in the same four newsletters year in and year out. A massage therapist tried a business card-sized ad, then a 1/4 page and finally found that she gets the best response from an insert offering a discount on her services.

Our home improvement type businesses such as carpenters, painters, lawn care and tree services, electricians, etc. may do better with a less expensive classified ad than a display ad. And yet, some of our painters and lawn care specialists run an insert in the spring to get their summer business jump-started. We had a painter who ran a classified ad year-round for years tell us he filled his entire summer schedule from an insert he put into all the newsletters in the spring. Residents had seen his classified ad all year, enabling him to develop a presence - now he was reaping the rewards.

We want to help our local businesses be successful!

What is better for your business, a classified ad or an insert? Contact us and we will be glad to discuss the most effective way to promote your business.

Unfortunately, advertising is often a best-guess situation. The economy, time of year, weather, world events and much more determine the effectiveness of advertising. We do not have all the answers, but with 35 plus years of experience we have a pretty good understanding of what works and what does not. Call us and we will do all that we can, use whatever experience and information we have, to help you build your business.

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